Great Prices

Our regular prices are the lowest in Campustown. With no cover charge every night (except select holidays), and with specials every day, you can't beat the value!


From Open - 8pm & All day Sunday

Discounts include:

  • $6 pitchers
  • $2 pints
  • Discounts on almost everything!


Cure those Monday blahs with a dose of Welch.

Free pool before and after league.

  • $5 pitchers
  • $2.25 Jack Daniels ($3.75 double)
  • $3.50 Long Islands


Rock Bottom Prices

Free pool from open to close tonight along with rock-bottom prices on drinks, including:

  • $3 martinis (ANY vodka, ANY gin)
  • $1.25 Busch Light, Busch Signature, and Highlife bottles
  • $2.75 double wells


Pint Night

Dave will be here to play your tunes. Free pool until 8. Come early and beat the crowd!

  • $1.25 pints/bottles of Bud, Miller, Coors, & PBR
  • $1.50 off pints of all other beers we carry (Check out our selection.)


Top Shelf Night

Choose from over 140 different liquors and only pay $2.75 for a single, $5 for a double.
If you prefer well drinks, only pay $2.25 for a single, $4.25 for a double.

Or get:



It's Friday! Come down to Welch tonight and escape anything you need relief from. Dave will be here to play your tunes. See ya!


Come down to Welch today and enjoy our unique atmosphere!

Check out our facebook page for the secret phrase of the day. Use it to get yourself half off your first drink!
Daytime specials until 8pm include:

  • $6.75 pitchers
Night (after 8) specials:
  • $2.75 Margarita
  • $3 Bloody Marys
  • $4 Daiquiris


S.I.N. (Service Industry Night)

Today is a good day to wind down with your friends and a tasty beverage!

  • Employee prices for all those who bust their behinds for tips!
  • Happy Hour prices all day and night for everyone else :)